Gift Vouchers - Thoughtful Luxury Hotel Gifts 2020

For Christmas 2020, thoughtful and intentional giving is one of the ways that people can feel connected with loved ones despite enduring distance. Taking the time to plan presents that reflect the recipient and their wishlist helps with closeness and reminds us of what is at the heart of our relationships even when gift giving is happening from afar. Christmas Gift-Giving Trends for the 2020 Festive SeasonGift giving is always about finding the right gift and Ard na Sidhe Country House Hotel knows firsthand how special it is when someone receives a package that’s perfectly ‘them’. A gift that considers the individual recipients in terms of their dreams, desires and needs is always important because it shows that the giver knows the person. This year, this e ... more
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The Wild Atlantic Way in Kerry: 10 Must-See Spots

What is the Wild Atlantic Way? Discover Ireland’s Wild Atlantic WayComprising 2,500km of winding road, the Wild Atlantic Way is a breathtakingly beautiful route along Ireland’s magnificent west coast. It starts on the Old Head of Kinsale in Cork and passes through nine counties before concluding at Ireland’s northern-most point at Malin Head in Donegal. The route takes in 157 discovery points, 1,000 attractions and over 2,500 activities.“Along the way, there is just about every coastal feature you could imagine – lofty cliffs alive with seabirds, great sweeps of golden sand, lushly green peninsulas, rocky islands sprinkled across a shining sea and deep bays protected by silent mountains. Spread among the natural spectacles are traditional villages w ... more
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