History of Caragh Lake

History of Caragh Lake  Caragh Lake is in the protected environment of Killarney National Park, considered so important that it was the first land in the Republic to be granted such status in 1932.Set between the bustle of Killorglin and the small village of Glenbeigh, the lowering McGillicuddy Reeks – Ireland’s highest range, with Carrantuohill best seen from the lake’s western banks - form a tremendous backdrop.Kerry is defined by its mountains and its many beautiful lakes, which make it the most, visited part of Ireland apart from Dublin.The wonderful surroundings attracted beautiful people. Perhaps chief among them was Lady Edith Gordon, a Kerry native who determined to build her dream home on the shores of the lake. Ard na Sidhe is now a country house hotel, which has been r ... more
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What to see in County Kerry

What to see in County Kerry Apart from Dublin, the Ring of Kerry, in some of Ireland’s most beautiful and iconic countryside, is the country’s most visited tourist attraction.  In the far south west of Ireland, County Kerry still maintains many of the traditions of an older way of life. The Gaelic language is still strong and Kerry is a stronghold of traditional Irish sports with the most successful Gaelic Football team in the land. We tend to think of tourism as something of a modern phenomenon, a blight even, but the natural beauty of this part of Ireland has been attracting visitors for long enough to celebrate a 250 year anniversary of its tourist industry way back in 1997.  It’s hardly surprising; the Kerry landscape takes in Ireland’s highest mountains, beautiful ... more
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